ffig du a cassis amber pot pourri


Each amber pot pourri is produced in small batches.  Contained in our signature raw smoked steel pots.  Each is then be hand finished before being sent out to you.
The name labels are in Welsh ‘ffig du a cassis’ but looks like French at first glance, which I love!  Blackcurrants to make cassis have been grown in this area of the Welsh borders for years and Figs grow in the garden of our home in France.  This makes the scent a very personal to us at Harp Studios.
The whole ethos behind the range of goods we create at Harp Studio is to have integrity at the heart of everything.  To have the raw smoked steel containers made by a local family firm founded in 1850s and then the jewel like amber resin infused in a personal fragrance created by another local company that works with adults with learning difficulties is central to how we want to create our range of homewares.

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